Advent-ing myself

This past weekend, all those folks with advent calendars started counting down to Christmas. My life has turned into one giant Advent calendar recently.

First of all, the countdowns I share with other members of the population:

1. 1 day until Hanukkah starts.
2. 22 days until Christmas.
3. 28 days until 2008.

And then, the more Mego-specific ones:
1. 5 days until my last work trip at this company is over.
2. 12 days until the company holiday party, where I plan to drink too much on the president’s dime and make an ass of myself in front of all of my soon-to-be-former coworkers.
3. 10 days left in the office.
4. 18 days until my last day.
5. 32 days until Mexico.

I’m going to have to decide what sort of things to give myself every day to help the days go by. At least during Hanukkah I’ll get to light more candles each day. That’s exciting. Maybe a margarita every day until Mexico… slowly getting stronger? I’m thinking I’ll probably try to steal one thing from the company every day I’m in the office for the rest of the year… Start out with post-it notes and blank CDs, maybe make my way up to a privacy screen and a flat of Coke from the kitchen. Gonna need something to go with all the rum I take from the open bar at the holiday party…


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  1. Kalynn

    Hi Megan! Jess sent me the link to your blog and I love it! I am kind of an obsessive blog reader so I will probably be back… frequently.

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