Farewell Performance

Every time I leave the apartment to go out and Brian stays in, he yells after me, “Make good choices!” Saturday night was no exception. And what did I do? I drank too much and forgot what he told me. Usually when I say I made bad decisions, just like this time, it involves a boy. In fact, one time this summer I came into the office on a Monday and my friend Jen asked me what I ended up doing the previous Saturday night. I responded awkwardly, “Oh, you know. Got drunk and made bad decisions.” To which she replied, “Oh yeah? What was his name?” Funny thing is, it was the same boy that time as it was this time. And every time in between.

Anyway, Saturday night was my very last work function at The Company. And there was an open bar. Highlights of the evening included Jason showing up in a fedora, Jess trying to set up one of her friends with one of our coworkers, all of us finding out that two of our coworkers are seeing each other AND that our ambiguously gay coworker thinks he’s straight, and my personal favorite, Todd putting on his ugly Christmas sweater over his shirt (under the tie) to let Kara know he was ready to go to the next party.

One thing that was made overwhelmingly clear to me was that what I’m going to miss from this job after this week are the people.

My team

My ladies

I have made the most amazing friends through this job. Sometimes I think it’s because when a group of people goes through a horrible experience together, they form an intense bond. Other times, I think I just got insanely lucky and found a company that employed a bunch of great people I love hanging out with. The sad thing is that everyone here spends so much time working that when someone leaves, it’s hard to keep in touch. Working together makes it so much easier. Hopefully my weekly happy hour date with Kara, Jess, and Julie will help. But there are so many other people that have made every day here hilarious and entertaining. One time, we paid Caleb a dollar to eat the biggest piece of chocolate we’d ever seen. Once, Jess dared me to walk in circles around the atrium until somebody noticed. One time, HR yelled at Kara for putting up a gigantic Pizza Schmizza poster at her desk that said, “A Slice of Pizza and a Beer for $1. ‘Cause that’s how we roll.” Last year when it snowed, we all went outside and had a snowball fight in our work clothes. One time, we covered my boss’ desk in over 400 post-it notes for her birthday. Last summer, during the company picnic, Julie, Jess, Veronica and I snuck into the vault and ate Sno-Cones spiked with Tequila. And I can’t even begin to list all the debauchery I’ve been involved in on work trips.

Leaving this job is a good thing for me to do, but there is no way I will ever find a place with so many awesome people again. I’m already trying to figure out which one of my friends will still be employed here next December so I can convince them to invite me to the Holiday Party.



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2 responses to “Farewell Performance

  1. Jessica

    This makes me wanna cry. I’m going to miss you sooo much! Let the good times (and bad decisions) keep on rollin!

    PS Don’t forget about: Drinking at lunch, Losing my banana in the hallway, Mehana reply alls, “It’s a little over the top”, Austin smashing a water balloon on his face, and my personal fave: “Who is the real (insert appropriate co-worker’s name)?”

  2. Kalynn

    It was fun to see you this weekend! The aftermath of your company party is always a good time.

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