Road Trip

A few tidbits from my return drive:

There is a giant digital readerboard on 4th of July Pass (you know, the ones that usually say “Accident Ahead – Road Closed” or “Amber Alert” or whatever) that said “Experimental Snow Removal Operation in Progress”.

The sunset over Coeur d’Alene Lake in the winter may be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

Somewhere in Washington, I saw a sign that said, “Now Leaving Apple Maggot Quarantine Area.”

I drove by a town called Tokio and an exit for Fishtrap.

I saw a sign along the Columbia Gorge smaller than an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper that said “Evac Route.” And nothing else. It was the only one I saw.

Driving across the Hawthorne Bridge with studded snow tires is my new favorite pasttime.


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One response to “Road Trip

  1. Kallyn

    I just saw the sunset over Coeur d’Alene Lake in the winter! It was at the weird restaurant full of old people with desserts the size of your head, and then I went ice skating at that little place by the marina. Crazy!

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