Dream Job

I know that no job is perfect. I know there will always be something about my workplace I’d like to change, but I can safely say that this is the best job I’ve ever had. (Not that I have much experience, but it’s really great).

Reasons I love my new job (after week 1):

1. People at The Foundation really care about what they do. I don’t just mean they take pride in their work (which is great in itself) but they believe in the mission of The Foundation and believe that they are all working together to create something that benefits everyone. Also, my Board members are people with extra time and/or money on their hands that would like to use those resources for a good cause. This is very different from my former Board of Directors experience.

2. Bagel Fridays. Every other week my boss gets us free bagels and we go to Starbucks.

3. Casual Fridays. Jeans once a week. Boo-ya.

4. Last Friday, which happened to be Casual Friday AND Bagel Friday, my boss put a bottle of vodka on my desk and said, “Here’s your signing bonus.”

5. I get to work downtown AND WALK TO WORK!

6. My first week on the job, my coworkers invited me to a Bowl-O-Rama party they were planning that coming Saturday which was followed by a bourbon tasting at my boss’ house. Unfortunately, I was scheduled for Ben and Rayne’s birthday party, but I seriously considered bringing the party to the bourbon.

7.  More than 2 weeks vacation.  And holidays like MLK Day off.

8.  Free tram rides.


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