Some Random Things

I gave my first tour of the hospital yesterday. We give tours to school groups from around the state that are doing fundraising events for the hospital. They get to leave school for a day, come into Portland, get a tour to learn more about what their money goes towards, and then take the tram. Normally, an employee is supposed to shadow 3-4 tours before actually giving one themself, but since one of the girls in the office was sick the other day, I was the only one to give a tour. At this point I’d only been on one and pretty much had no idea what I was doing. I figured it’d be okay, until I walked into the room of high school kids and saw a bunch of very tall teenage boys staring back at me. I looked at Tessa, who said, “Oh, I didn’t tell you it was a basketball team?” Anyway, it went okay, except for when one of them asked me what stem-cell transplants were and I had to wing it. And I got lost at one point and had to ask a nurse where to go. Apparently I was a good sport, though, because one of the boys gave me a t-shirt at the end. Thanks, buddy.

My brother left for India yesterday. He’s going to be there for three months, hanging out with my cousin, her husband, and their new baby. Oh, and volunteering at a hospital. I’m assuming he had a layover in Singapore, though, because I got an email from him this morning entitled “Singapore = hot.” The body of the message said, “More later.”

Trying to plan a birthday celebration. Potentially either a string of brewery tours or a pub crawl. Any other fantastic ideas? I really wanted to get a party bus but it turns out they’re sort of expensive.

The last few days I’ve been testing out showering at night to save time in the morning.  It’s been great in the morning, too.  I have plenty of time to get ready, eat breakfast, make tea, and get to work.  However, it turns out showering in the morning is what wakes me up. I’m not entirely convinced my eyes fully opened the last couple days until at least 11 AM.  I may be up, but to say I’m awake is a damned lie.

Last but not least, the comments my friends have been leaving on my Mexico pictures have made my day(s). Particularly when Emily translated the Sol billboard.


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