Single Awareness Day

I am not bitter about being single on Valentine’s Day.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love holidays, and this is no exception. It’s my mom’s favorite holiday as well, which probably influenced me a great deal. She would always make us valentines and have some sort of surprise at breakfast. One year she made us heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast and served us orange juice out of mugs with hearts for handles (which I had not seen before, nor have I seen them since).

So, last night Talia and I got together and made mini-cupcakes for our coworkers. We decorated them with conversation hearts, which we both hate. They’re cute, but they’re disgusting. Anyway, in case no one else actually purchased any this year, I want you to know that the phrases on this year’s conversation hears include:
melt my heart
in a fog
chill out
nature lover
wild life
IM me (also, e-mail me and fax me)
heart of gold
Clearly there are lots more, but I thought those were the most ridiculous.

Anyway, at one point we got a little carried away and made this monstrosity.

Then, today, we had free coffee, cookies, juice, and cupcakes at work (in addition to my cupcakes). Plus, Talia had to work late, so Alex and I went out to dinner, which was followed by Rock Band and beer chez T&A.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes things come up that make me a little sad about not having a significant other on Valentine’s Day. I am not immune. Like when I get some spam email from eHarmony telling me there’s still time to find a Valentine before Thursday! (How did they even know I was single? Is it that obvious?). Or this afternoon, when most of the girls in my department at work got flowers delivered. Out of the six of us in the office today, 4 are married. Three of the married girls got flowers, so the 4th one called her husband and whined, “The only girls who didn’t get flowers in the office today were the single ones and me.” Then the only other single girl in the office says over her cube wall, “No, Traci, even some of the single girls got flowers!” Sure enough.

But even when the interwebs and everyone in the office make me painfully aware of my singledom, I remember that I have incredible friends who will stay up late making silly cupcakes with me, who will take me out to dinner and play Rock Band, who will buy me hilarious Valentine’s gifts like this shirt. And then I remember how happy I am with my life, even if I don’t have a boyfriend.

Plus a guy riding his bike on the Park Blocks stopped to ask me out on my way home from work. And I’ll be damned if that doesn’t make a girl’s day.


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