I’ve decided to copy my dear friend Abby today, and make a list for my 25th birthday. Here are 5 lists of 5 things I’ve learned in the past 25 years:

The five most important things in my life:
1. My family
2. My friends
3. My car
4. Music
5. Ice cream

My five core beliefs:
1. I believe in tradition. Whether it’s lighting candles on Hanukkah, watching the Homecoming parade from my aunt and uncle’s house, or going to happy hour with the Plastics every Tuesday.
2. I believe in family. I am lucky enough to have an amazing family that loves me. I feel that all of my extended family members have been involved in shaping my life, and I am eternally grateful for that. I hope my kids will be similarly fortunate.
3. I believe that most people are inherently good. It’s just hard to put yourself in their place and see things the way they do.
4. I believe that everything works out the way it’s supposed to. Not that everything happens for a reason, because lots of trivial things happen all the time without reason. But over time, it all works out.
5. I believe that you should tell your friends and family that you love them every chance you get.

Five things my dad taught me:
1. The facts should never get in the way of a good story.
2. The more you learn about yourself and make important life decisions, the more people you meet who are like you.
3. Boys are dumb.
4. Sometimes a quote can put your feelings into words more eloquently than you ever could have yourself.
5. Donald O’Connor was one talented dude.

Five things my mom taught me:
1. Being yourself and knowing yourself are more important than pleasing other people.
2. Housework and road trips should never be attempted without good tunes.
3. Pay attention to how a boy treats his mother. That’s how he’ll treat you when you’re old.
4. Nicknames are required to show affection. Calling someone by their real name is just formal and weird.
5. Good friends are your family when your family isn’t available. Choose wisely and cherish them.

Five Things I’ve learned about myself:
1. I was born without the ability to say no to fun.
2. You can take the girl out of Montana, but you can’t take the Montana out of the girl.
3. I like to pretend that my car and my room aren’t always a mess, but they are. And they probably always will be.
4. Freckles, dimples, and curly hair are a pretty powerful combination.
5. I have the best family and friends in the world.

If you read my blog and feel like celebrating my birthday with me, please comment on this post. Let me know something you’ve learned in your life that you find important, or something that you had to learn the hard way, or something you wish you’d known sooner. Any bit of information or advice that could help me as I embark on these next 25 years would be appreciated. And if you don’t have any deep thoughts today, give me a quote that you like. Tell me one thing that you think is true in life. Tell me something that helps you get through Mondays. Anything. Just lookin’ for a little e-love.



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5 responses to “Twenty-Five

  1. Happy Birthday, Mego! You will love 25. It has been my best year yet. Here are my 5 favorite things about you:

    1). You are devilishly funny.
    2). You’re proud of where you come from.
    3). You are supportive and nurturing, not just of your friends, but of anyone you come across.
    4). You’re a nerd at heart.
    5). Despite being all around awesome, you’re down-to-earth and fun to be around.

  2. Tips for surviving Mondays:

    Don’t go out until 7 am on Saturday. I am reminding myself of this one all day today.

    Tips for year 25 or many others:

    Go out until 7 am some Saturdays, but not all.

    We shall find peace. We shall hear the angels. We shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.”–Chekhov

    You are setting the blog bar, especially the birthday blog bar (say that three times fast, preferably between flip cup rounds) way too high. I salute you.

    Hope it was a great one. I like 25…seems like a good number. I’ll let you know about 24 here soon.

  3. Don’t be afraid to make choices. Choices can be hard because they involve closing doors, but you can only walk through one door at a time. And there’s almost always something worthwhile on the other side, no matter which one you pick.

  4. Kristin

    1. My cousin Meg is very funny.

    2. Everyone should have a dog greet them when they get home from work.

    3. If you hate your job, quit and take a summer vacation. If you hate your next job, do it again. If you hate your next job, you probably weren’t meant to be a worker, so don’t sweat it. Find other sources of wealth (like retired uncles). If all of the above fails, get yourself another degree.

    4. This one is a new lesson that I just learned at 27 and 1/2. If your house was built in 1913, your pipes will probably burst someday, flooding your basement and making a big mess. Before this happens to you, acquaint yourself with the location of your water shutoff.

  5. talia

    Belated Birthday List:
    Top Five Reasons Mego Is SUPER-DUPER AWESOME:

    1) She likes video games AND getting her nails done.
    2) She never, never judges me, no matter what stupid stuff I say.
    3) Though she’s watched Mean Girls a thousand time, she’s never been one. Ever.
    4) She might like ice cream even more than I do. Which is a lot. Seriously.
    5) She really, truly knows what’s important in life and always finds a way to make the most of it. (Probably partially due to #4.)

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