March Madness

I cannot get enough of March Madness. I don’t watch much (read: none) college basketball the rest of the year, but all of a sudden, as soon as I’ve filled out my brackets, I am a DIE HARD FAN of whatever teams I’ve randomly selected to win each game.

I guess “random” is a strong word. I have a few fall backs. For instance, my little brother was always a UNC fan (because Michael Jordan went there. Natch.), so I usually absorb that loyalty. Plus I come from a long line of Gonzaga fans AND a girl in my book club played for the Lady Zags, so clearly I have to root for them. Then there’s my obsession with Austin, Texas, and the fact that 50% of my friends went to U of O… Not to mention that my roommate in college was from Connecticut and I played volleyball against Cal State Fullerton once… I mean, I have my reasons.

So when I found this article, I almost died laughing. How can you not love a woman who says things like, “I like Memphis because of the barbecue, the music, Graceland, the Peabody hotel and because it’s J.T.’s birthplace. Five good reasons.” Or, “…every time I fill out a pool, I laugh that there are schools named ‘Oral Roberts’ and ‘Austin Peay.'”

Anyway, I’ve now put together two different brackets for my office pool and cousin pool, so we’ll see how it goes. I really have a thing for upsets, which hasn’t served me well since the year of George Mason, but at least it makes things interesting. Anyone can pick based on which seed number is bigger. It takes talent to make up reasons.



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3 responses to “March Madness

  1. Birdlegs

    I could not agree more! I basically pick all upsets because I love them so much. I have two brackets and not one No.1 seed in the final four!

    I picked Louisville because I just watched Three Sheets – Kentucky and I apparently have a little March crush on Clemson…again great minds think alike.

  2. Kristin

    I was laughing hysterically at this blog, until I got to the line about the cousin pool!@!?# I don’t know of any cousins of yours that aren’t cousins of mine, and yet I was not asked to join!

    I must have been left off the list this year because I am too strong of a competitor, right?

    My Gonzaga loyalty really clouded my judgment this year, though.

  3. Update: I was third-to-last in both my pools. Which isn’t such a big deal for the one that only had 6 entries, but my work pool had 21. Woops.

    I did make a “what-if” bracket, though, where I picked only 4 upsets (all 9-seeds over 8-seeds) and that bracket would have taken 2nd. I guess it pays to be boring.

    Also, note-to-self: Gonzaga and Oregon always let you down. Stop picking them.

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