Barack Obama is in Portland today. Tickets to his “Stand for Change” rally ran out pretty damn fast. I really wanted to go, but knew I wouldn’t be able to take the morning off work.

Jason actually got a ticket and was looking forward to going, but then found out he couldn’t get out of the whole work thing either. He was browsing Craigslist yesterday, looking for someone in need of a ticket, and saw that there were hundreds of “I need Obama tickets!” postings. He also noticed that a couple of news stations had postings looking for people who were exchanging tickets that they could interview.

So he posted this:
Obama ticket available in exchange for a First Date – $1

23-year old bright, witty, athletic and charming male Obama supporter has a ticket to tomorrow’s rally that he won’t be able to use.

Willing to trade the Obama ticket for a first date with a single “Obama Girl.”

If interested, email responses to the following three questions by 10 pm. I will contact the most interesting candidate and set up a time to hand off the ticket. If tonight doesn’t work, my office is in downtown PDX and I could hand off the ticket then.

1. Should politics be discussed on a first date?

2. What do you like best about Obama’s platform?

3. What is your ideal first date?

Shortly after posting it, he received emails from the Oregonian, KATU, and KOIN asking for an interview. Unfortunately, he didn’t get back to them before their deadlines. However, “The Guy Who Posted on Craigslist Looking for a Date in Exchange for Obama Tickets” was mentioned on TV and the radio this morning. Then one of Jason’s friends that is working on Obama’s Oregon campaign texted him from the press tent this morning to say, “I’m with the media and they r talking about your ad. You’re famous!”

He received 6 responses from Obama Girls in the Portland Metro area. Here are some excerpts from my favorites:

“So, I am not sure if I am entirely interested, but I have got to give it to you for the creativity. I can’t decide if it is desperate or brilliant!” (Incidentally, she answered all the questions but refused to give him her phone number).

“Favorite piece of Obama’s platform…That’s a tough one. His vision of unity is inspiring and his aspirations for change gives me goosebumps. For me he’s almost like sushi, you can’t exactly pin what you like about him, yet you can’t get enough!”

“I like your approach—that is, if you are truly witty, smart, athletic and politically minded and not the 2008 version of Ted Bundy strategically sanitized by an Obama campaign button…”

“I don’t know what the protocol is here–I have never done this. I will say, I am 26, and a sufficiently attractive brunette. I don’t know what else to say to convey that I am not some sort of internet troglodyte, or social pariah from Craigslist….I can’t even believe I’m doing this—-but hey, I have a spare ticket to the Springsteen concert next week and if you are, in fact, not a cretin or Ted Bundy type that might prove a good trade. :)”

“I have thought of the potential for meeting an interesting man, by way of the democratic political venue before but have been deterred by the impression that here in Portland to be a democrat is synonymous with being a crunchy-sock-with-teva-wearing-granola-fed-hippy with questionable hygiene. Please tell me, from where did this aesthetic of “cleanliness is uncool” derive?”

**Author’s note: I did not edit any of these. Please know that a “[sic]” should follow every quote and the post itself.

According to Jason, although he had to reference Dictionary.com multiple times in order to understand her email, he still chose the girl who wrote the last 3 quotes. He handed her the ticket this morning before the rally. I don’t have any details as to when she’ll hold up her end of the bargain, but hopefully he’ll update me.



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3 responses to “Obamania

  1. Nicely done Jason – I have to give the man credit for thinking of such a witty way to hand off the ticket.

    Although the first thing that came to mind for me – well once I started thinking about seeing a post like this but not knowing the author – was “holy crap – it’s a politically motivated Ted Bundy”.

    Which is in some way a compliment….I think?

    Keep us posted on any other great responses!

  2. Amanda

    Absolutely amazing. Only six replies? I’m shocked! Update the rest of us too!

  3. Liesl

    When I first read those responses, I was slightly shocked by the number of Ted Bundy references; then I realized they were all made by the same person. Hopefully his Springsteen-ticket-holding politi-date isn’t the female version, a Theodora Bundy if you will. Having never had much luck with the “Internet dating scene,” I wish Jason the best. Good luck, buddy! Don’t turn off your cell phone!

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