It’s a Small World After All

I was walking downtown during my lunch break when a girl stopped me and said, “Is your name Megan?” I recognized her immediately. She and I went to high school together. She was a Senior when I was a Freshman – the only reason we knew each other was because I went to a dance with her brother Freshman year. Apparently she lives here now. Naturally we traded numbers and discussed getting beers together. I think we may have exchanged more words right there on the street than we did in all of high school combined.

My friend Amanda from home called me the other day and left me this voicemail: “Hey Mego, I saw your mom at the grocery store the other day. She was eating mini-Snickers out of a bag that she hadn’t purchased yet. When she saw me she said hi and then explained, “These things are so cheap – why would you buy a whole Snickers?!? $1.79 per bag! That’s practically free! Go get a couple!””

My mom was here visiting this weekend, staying at the Hilton downtown.  There was a wedding at the hotel on Saturday, so we weren’t surprised when we got in the elevator to go up to her room and there were two guys in it, one of whom was carrying a tux in a bag.  A few floors up, a woman got in the elevator with us who had on a Griz sweatshirt.  I, naturally, started a conversation with her by shouting “Go Griz!”  My mom, slightly embarrassed, asked the woman where she was from.  Turns out she grew up in Billings but went to Missoula for school.  When she found out we were from Missoula and we started chatting, she mentioned that she was in town for her niece’s wedding, which was the one going on at the hotel that day.  Then the guy with the tux said, “Your niece is marrying my best friend.” and the other guy in the elevator said, “And I’m his brother.”


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