If you know me, you know I’m not wild about my college experience. Sometimes I wish I’d gone to a school with a greek system and a better social atmosphere. Sometimes I wish I’d gone somewhere where people actually went on dates instead of getting drunk and making out enough times that people started saying you were dating. Sometimes I wish I’d gone somewhere that didn’t have a stigma that caused reactions like, “You went to Lewis & Clark? You a big pot smoker?” or “Don’t like shaving your legs, huh?”

But the truth is, I wouldn’t change a thing. And here’s the reason:

I found the most amazing friends in the world. And although not all of them went to LC (and I wasn’t really friends with the ones who did until after we graduated), that’s how I found them. And for that I am forever grateful.

If I just want to go have some beers, if I want to play video games, if I want to get my nails done, if I want to go hiking, if I want to go bowling, if I want to go shopping, if I want to see a horrible movie, if I want to talk about myself, if I want to talk about nothing at all, if I want to laugh until I cry and then have people laugh at me, or if I want someone to remind me that I’m not crazy, but I’m definitely not normal, these are the people I call. They are always there for me. And I want nothing more than to always be there for them.

Last weekend, we were all together (Spring Break ’08!) and it was amazing. I know we will probably never all live in the same city, but I hope we have reunions often. Abby, Alex, Amanda, Bean, Ben, Ben, Brad, Brian, Julia, Rayne, Talia, and Zach, you guys are the best. Thanks for being awesome.



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4 responses to “Best.

  1. Amanda

    This post almost made me cry. Thank you, Mego, for being awesome. Lots of love, hugs, and kisses.

  2. Aw, shucks. I think you’re swell too!

  3. Alex

    Alphabetic order, eh?
    I’m SO putting a number at the beginning of my name.

    We love you too, babe. Like whoa.

  4. talia

    aw, man! crying at nine in the morning, _again_? i’m so glad i read this again before seeing you all next week. you explained perfectly exactly why i’m so excited to see you all. much love.

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