Postcards From Yo Momma

My friend Absmers, a.k.a. Monique recently introduced me to this fantastic website. It reminds me so much of my mom it kills me. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“What are you doing getting bitten by mosquitoes?!! You will get MALARIA – and i will have to start worrying about that instead of typhoid. Maybe you have got dengue fever even! Are the drugs working? Are you still alive?”

“In other news I discovered that e-bay shopping is not as simple as it looks. Seems to be a cult or something, I’m wondering if any goods actually change hands. Items appear, disappear and reappear out of nowhere. Is there anything I’m missing. On that note I better check the item I’m “watching” to see how many days they added to my wait this time.”

“We had burglar alarmed fixed and are going to be using it. Call me for code or get arrested entering.”

“I think that all the people who want a relationship for marriage and family should stand on one side of the street and all the people who just want fun relationship only should stand on the other side, no intermixing….and no one would ever be disappointed or confused. It could be a universal rule….like Sneetches with stars or without. Think how much heartache would be avoided.”

“If dinner is not possible – I do understand but will be dissapointed for sure – I will make more cookies and wait on edge of hwy #1 by hwy #36 intersection, I will wait and yous can stop and get cookies for a hug – I saw that you are taking hwy#1 and if you can give me your set off time – I can meet up with, if dinner is not possible before you go then we can do it when your back.”

Moms are great.


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One response to “Postcards From Yo Momma

  1. That last one almost killed me dead.
    My mom arrives tomorrow morning.
    Think of me as I sit on the couch watching TV and she sits in the chair across the room, watching me watch TV.

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