Things That Made My Day

1. Walking to the Farmers Market to buy 10 tulips for $6.

2. Registering to vote in Oregon!

3. Listening to Paramore and Jimmy Eat World and remembering how awesome they were in concert on Thursday.

4. A cute j.crew swimsuit on sale.

5. Running into Kyle downtown and listening to his hilarious story of serving blonde, barely-clothed teenage girls “Venti, Extra caramel, extra whip Frappuccinos” while suffering from a terrible wine hangover.

6. Reading in the park on a sunny day.

7. An email from my dad from Montana saying he’s back from India.

8. An email from my brother from India saying he’ll be home later this month.

9. An unexpected phone call from a friend that led to a fun-filled day (and night) of hanging out.

10. “I only order fries because it’s socially unacceptable to drink ketchup.” – Kate


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