Back in Action

Let’s play catch-up. Here are the things that have happened in my life since last we met that I have deemed blog-worthy (in a list, of course):

1. I went to Idaho. And it was hilarious. Besides passing a store in the middle of Pocatello (population ~55,000) called “The Gun Barn” and another one that was a giant warehouse with these wares listed across the side: “Camping – Boots – Knives – Camo – Gifts,” it was a great experience. My dad aptly dubbed Pocatello “the town that time forgot” after driving through downtown and feeling like he jumped into 1955.

Other things to note about Idaho: They call baked potatoes “Bakers.” As in, “Whadya want on yer baker?” There are also lots of Mormons there. Everywhere you turn, stores are selling CTR rings, ties, necklaces, and wristbands. I got carded at our hotel bar and when I told the bartender I’d have to go back to my room to get my ID, he responded with, “You’d understand if you were from here.” The regional high school rodeo championships were also in town and all of the cowboys and girls were staying at our hotel. They even set up a fake calf in the atrium to practice their roping skills.

The wedding reception was at Tiffany’s parents’ house, which is a beautiful ranch about an hour outside of Pocatello, near Aberdeen. When we were driving on the long dirt road out to the house, passing by miles and miles of potatoes, sugar beets, and wheat, my cousin Kristin started singing, “We’re from the country and we like it that way…”

2. The Sixth International Barbecue Symposium took place. Anyone who went to Lewis & Clark knows that all meetings, gatherings, or even organized conversations are to be called symposia. For instance, if you do a search on the website for the word “symposium,”, you’ll get 4 website suggestions and 85 articles on everything from the “Third Annual Multicultural Symposium” to the “Environmental Affairs Symposium” and the “Law Review Symposium.” So, naturally, six years ago, my friends decided to start the annual Barbecue Symposium, which consists of lots of friends in one place, drinking, grilling, and playing in the sun for one whole day. This year we even had 4 guests of honor fly in from out of town. Overall it was a great success. And if I had to sum up the day in just a few photos, they would be these three. At one point, I decided to nap and then rally for more flip cup. I love me some flip cup.

3. I went to a Share the Road Safety Class in order to get the cost of my Illegal U-Turn ticket reduced by $115. And it was totally worth the two hours of my time. Highlights included them showing us this video to convince us to watch for cyclists, and the woman next to me getting in a bit of a fight with another person in the class about her ticket. “That is TOO illegal! Otherwise I wouldn’t be sittin’ here in this damn class!”

4. I bought the new Coldplay CD. And it was a let down. I’ve never been a huge Coldplay fan. I didn’t DISlike their music, I just didn’t search it out or buy their albums. (I just checked to see if I had any Coldplay on my computer. Until last week, I had 4 songs of theirs and I’m pretty sure I got 3 from my brother and 1 from a Christmas mix my cousin made). I really liked the song on Kanye West’s latest CD with Chris Martin on it, so I thought maybe I should give Coldplay a chance.

Jason told me to check out their website and download the free song. (He’s seen Coldplay in concert and probably has all of their CD’s). I downloaded Viva La Vida (the one on the iTunes commercials) and really liked it. Then I saw this political emotional rollercoaster of a video and decided I’d probably buy their CD when it came out. Well, I bought it. And it pretty much all sounds like their old stuff. I still like Viva la Vida, Violet Hill, and Lost?, but the CD was a waste of money. In fact, I’m pretty sure the song 42 is actually just In My Place with a few different words.

5. I started internet dating. It’s true. So be prepared for all sorts of embarrassing/stupid/painful stories on this here blog. And to start it off…
On Saturday, at my friend Kate’s wedding, Jason (that’s right, my EX) came up to me and said that he’d just received an email from eHarmony letting him know that they’d found a match for him. Her name is Megan, she’s 25, 5’10”, and she’s a fundraising event planner for a non-profit here in Portland. She’s very close to her family and enjoys happy hours and microbrews. I coolly responded with, “Wow, she sounds pretty awesome.” And then mumbled something about loving the song that was playing and ran off to dance.
When recapping this story to my friend Ben, he said if eHarmony thinks Jason and I would be a good match, that’s just proof that the system is totally fucked. I’m trying to stay optimistic.



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4 responses to “Back in Action

  1. UGH! You BOUGHT that CD!?


    You were so cool.


  2. mego

    I had a bunch of iTunes gift certificates piling up! Leave me alone! I AM NOT GAY!

  3. birdlegs

    I still think you’re cool Mego..but I do also think e-harmony might be totally fucked…only time will tell:)

  4. The Sox Fan

    #1. Pocatello is a wonderful place in the world! It also happens to be my birthplace. So if you wanna keep talking smack about CTR rings (soemthing I also know something about) and Pocatello, we little lady may have some issues!

    #2. I too have been to traffic safety school, but fuck me! how did I miss the moonwalking dancing bear twice. I’m so stupid.

    #3. 86% “match.” That is all.

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