I received this email today at my work email address. I definitely do not know this person.

Hi Megan,

Just wanted you to know, Jeff did not have any information at ALL to share about Judy’s party! SO, hope to hear about it soon! I understand our best friends, the William’s and O’Brien’s were in attendance.

Talk to you soon.

P.S. Taking metamucil at night is making a good difference!!

Any ideas for how I should respond?


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  1. Kathy,

    I am SO glad to hear that it’s making a difference. I knew it would.

    I finally reached Mark (he has a new cell phone) and got all the details about Judy’s party, so if you still haven’t gotten them, give me a call and I’ll share what I know.

    Basically, Mark said that the Williams got too drunk to drive home and so the O’Briens had to drive them. But when they tried to get into their car, Mike’s costume was too big to fit in the back seat and they had to leave the bottom half at the party! Sounds like quite the night!

    Let’s get lunch or Starbucks or something. Give me a call.


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