My Montana is Showing

You may have missed it, but right before Hillary Clinton spoke at the DNC on Tuesday, there was a goofy-looking guy from Montana on the stage, jumping around and getting excited. That man was Brian Schweitzer, our governor.

Here it is, in case you couldn’t watch it the other night:

And just in case you don’t think he’s awesome (and a total badass) after that, check out this article from Daily Kos.

I like to think of Montana as a “deep-purple” state, seeing as both of our senators and our governor are Democrats, but our (sole) representative is a Republican and we tend to vote for Republican presidents. But I’m really hoping that people like Schweitzer can help explain to Montanans why voting Republican may seem like a good idea when you want to carry your hunting rifles in the truck, even when your 15-year old daughter’s driving, but it always ends with that 15-year old daughter having one of the worst public educations in the country, thanks to our terrible school system.

Or at least just convince them to vote for Obama in November.



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2 responses to “My Montana is Showing

  1. Two words: Bollo Tie.

  2. I KNOW! It’s so hideous, yet so perfect. Vom.

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