Occupational Hazard

My coworker Traci and I have been working crazy long hours getting ready for our auction coming up in just over two weeks. And although I whine and complain when I don’t get to take a lunch break and have to stay at work until it’s dark, Traci has been working even longer hours than I have and has been doing the whole thing with horrible back pain. I have no idea how she’s gotten through it for the past few months, but this week she finally found a specialist who understood what she was going through and diagnosed her with two herniated disks. The only problem with that? She has to have surgery. Immediately. Like, next Thursday.

So, she and our boss went into crisis mode and came up with a plan. We’re working out the details, but it’s going to be just fine. All of us are just really glad she’s going to get the surgery she needs and get better.

After decisions were made this afternoon, Traci called and emailed her various volunteers and committee chairs to let them know what was going on. One of them, who we’ll call Joe, was very understanding and said he’d try to take care of things for her. Shortly afterward, he copied Traci on the following email to a vendor they’d been working with:

Hi (Vendor contact’s name):

For planning purposes and not for public consumption from us, Traci is having surgery on her back on Oct 9th and will be out a minimum of two weeks. Probably more. So if you need anything from her for the banquet, you will need to get with her prior to Oct 7th or so.

You might not be aware but Traci travels on the Pacific Northwest Womens Professional Wrestlers tour. She had a particularly tough match about a month ago in Kennewick, WA against Boom Boom Brenda, the Bremerton Bomber. Seems Traci took one too many atomic knee drops and out went her back. Too bad, it was such a promising career.

But I digress, the point is, (in all seriousness) if you need anything from Traci prior to her surgery, please do work with her as I note above.




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