I heard about NaBloPoMo from my friend Blythe, who is taking part for the second year in a row. National Blog Posting Month is a pretty simple concept, really; just post on your blog everyday for a month. I’ve chosen November because that’s what Blythe is doing and because you can win prizes. And I’m a sucker for free stuff. (Luckily I already blogged yesterday, or I would have already lost my chance at the prizes!).

I’m a little worried that I won’t have anything to say some days, as this happens fairly regularly in my blogging life, so I’m creating a new post type and category called, “Top Five…”, based on High Fidelity, one of my favorite movies. In case you haven’t seen it, John Cusack and Jack Black’s characters make top five lists of everything (i.e. top five most memorable breakups, top five songs about death, top five musical crimes perpetuated by Stevie Wonder in the ’80s and ’90s, etc.) and then John Cusack ends up naming his record company “Top Five Records.” My plan is to make a top five list of something, anything, on the days I have blogger’s block.

(If you have anything you’d like me to blog about, top five or otherwise, you can also put in a request!)

I’m going to kick off my new invention with a list of the top five websites that make my life better/more fun/a little bit more interesting every day.

1. YouTube. Considering I have a whole blog category based on this website, it’s no surprise it made the list. But really, it’s pretty incredible. I mean, maybe you want to know if Sarah Palin’s ever been tackled by a linebacker after one of her ridiculous statements, or you want to see that video of Philipino prisoners recreating Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. Just search and you shall find. You can even hear almost any song you want to by searching for it. Chances are good someone made a music video of it. Best website for workplace procrastination.

2. Etsy. It’s like Saturday Market on the internet! You can shop for something specific, browse, or even look for local sellers.

3. Socializr. I’m starting the Socializr revolution. Evite will be a thing of the past. Check it out.

4. Google Reader and Google Alerts. I already use Gmail, Google Calendar, and have a personalized iGoogle homepage, but those are only the beginning. When I first started working at The Foundation, one of my coworkers recommended that I setup a Google alert for our foundation’s name so I could monitor all the internet coverage we get. I liked it so much, I selfishly set one up for my own name, just out of curiosity. It’s pretty cool.
Google Reader helps me stay up on all my blogs without checking each website everyday. I just put the Reader box in my iGoogle homepage and then every time I go to my homepage it tells me who’s updated. Well played, Google.

5. Birthday Alarm. You can either enter all of your friends’ and family’s birthdays manually or email them and have them each do it themselves. Either way, you get reminder emails for their birthdays so you can send them gifts or funny and offensive e-cards on time.


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  1. Hooray! Misery loves company.

    Also, read the book. It’s even better than the movie because you can still imagine Jack Black and John Cusack but you can re-cast the role of that girl with the bad bangs and someone who actually has some chemistry with her leading man.

    And, have you seen this?

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