Hope Shock.

I’m still in shock. Hope-shock.

I have been completely worthless all day. I woke up late after only a few hours of sleep, went to work with soaking wet hair and no makeup, and couldn’t consume enough coffee (or water) to kick the champagne hangover that nearly killed me. I was so out of it, I was actually worried about being a liability.

So I spent most of my time at work reading about the election online. And thus, today’s Top Five Things I Saw on the Internet Today:

1. The Top U.S. Front Pages

2. Foreign Papers and Their Editorials on the Obama Victory

3. The updated “Palin as President” site. (If you didn’t see this one before the election, you won’t appreciate this nearly as much.)

4. Photos of Reactions Around the World

5. And this excerpt that someone left in a comment on the Oregonian’s website, regarding McCain’s concession speech. They said it was from Joe Boyle, a contributor to reason.com, however I couldn’t find it there:

Classy speech.

John McCain did exactly what John Kerry did. He allowed himself to be jammed into an ill-fitting persona, and thereby surrendered everything that made him an interesting candidate to begin with.

McCain was never a comfortable fit with the thuggish kulturkampfer “Real Americans” who made up the base of his party, nor the low-road campaign that was designed to appeal to them. He couldn’t pull it off effectively – heck, he kept talking down lunatics at his rallies instead of whipping them up. They didn’t accept him as one of their own, and with good reason: he’s not.

John McCain is the sort of person who gives a classy concession speech and calls for unity after he loses, and his supporters are the kind of people who boo when he does that, and he’s the kind of person who shoots them an exasperated look when they boo.

Sort of sums it all up right there.


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