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I’ve been known to talk a fair amount of smack about my book club. I started to get a little cranky recently because everyone kept choosing chick lit for us to read, and although I read The Devil Wears Prada on my own, I definitely didn’t mean to make it a monthly habit.

However, the truth is that I look forward to our meetings every month, and this month (tonight) I hosted the group for the first time. So, I’ve made this list of My Top Five Favorite Things About My Book Club:

1. Every gathering involves some sort of dessert and colorful adult beverages.

2. I always joke that I’m the only member who wasn’t part of the U of O Greek system, but in fact the girls are fairly diverse in their interests, backgrounds, and careers.

3. We always discuss the book, and we usually start with a brief synopsis for those who didn’t read it. Those members are not judged or looked down upon – in fact they tend to ask the most thought-provoking questions about the book.

4. After discussing the book, we always catch up on personal lives, gossip, reality TV, etc. Sometimes we even discuss other books we’ve read and give each other suggestions. Then the host for the following month gives us her recommendations and we all choose which book to read next from her list.

5. Even though I chose How Soccer Explains the World this month, all of the chick lit fans still supported me. For being so snarky, we’re awfully open-minded.

Favorite books we’ve read so far: Three Cups of Tea; Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea; I Was Told There’d Be Cake; and now How Soccer Explains the World.

I balance out the book club by reading books like The Brothers Bulger, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and Empire Falls. If you’re not on it yet, you should all join GoodReads and help me find more stimulating reading material!


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  1. Chelsea Handler’s jokes about Star Jones can be surprisingly entertaining. No? I only listened to it on audio CD, I swear.

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