Puppy Love

Top Five Reasons I’ve been wanting a dog lately:

1. This website.

2. This breed.

3. Just about every dog on this website.

4. An email from Talia and Alex saying they got a new puppy.

5. This interaction with my dad online today:

me: dad, i’m in a huge dog-wanting phase.
it’s a problem.
Dad: You can’t have one where you liive?
Or your roommate doesn’t want one?
me: mostly i don’t think i’m grown up enough. nor do i think i can afford it
(long pause)
Dad: Slight delay for spilled tea.
That’s HOW you grow up. And you can afford it.
Gotta go work.
Get one.



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4 responses to “Puppy Love

  1. shiba inu’s are mean.

    not nice dogs.

    trust me.

  2. Kristin

    You can have Ringo. Seriously. When should I have him arrive in Portland? He’s really cute….

  3. talia

    shiba inu’s are ADORABLE. i wanted one every time i saw one.

    also, by what standards am i remotely more responsible than you? when was the last time i had a real job? seriously? or wore adult pants? or talked to adults? although, come to think of it, these things are exactly what might make me a good dog owner… that’s it! you’re not too immature–you’re TOO ADULT! gasp! i have to reconsider our friendship now….

  4. Please refer to the number of puppies I sent you from OHS today.

    Perhaps your father and I will need to cease talking to you about this since we are large advocates.

    Go Team Puppy!

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