On my way home from dinner with friends this evening, I was trying to think of what to write in today’s blog posting. And the prevailing theme of all my thoughts, when I looked back on my day, was how thankful I am. Seldom does a day go by in which I don’t think of how lucky I am to be living this life; whether it’s because I have a roof over my head and live comfortably, because I have amazing friends and family surrounding me, or because I am not lactose intolerant. But today’s thanks was very specific. The world conspired today to remind me how fortunate I am to have a job which I’m not in danger of losing anytime soon, and to be a healthy twenty-five-year-old with health insurance. I never knew that these things would be so important to me at this age, but today I was reminded that others are not as lucky as I am.

Thank you, world, for helping me put things in perspective. I continue to be firmly convinced that I am one of the luckiest girls in the world.


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