There You Are

My friend Blythe asked me to post a list of some of my favorite blogs to read the other day. Some of these she already has, and I know I’ve mentioned most of them before (see: Blogtastic, lower right), but here they are for anyone who needs more online entertainment to help them procrastinate.

(I’ve left off a few people who I think might not want me spreading their links to people they don’t know. If you are one of those people, please don’t feel slighted. I just don’t want to pass links around without your approval.)

Blythe already tagged her, but Abby’s blog is my religion. I love reading it and can’t wait for her to come to Portland on Tuesday! Her latest post about protesting Prop 8 was amazing.

Recently, I’ve taken to cyber-stalking my homonym Meghann. She’s a great writer and tells hilarious stories about her adventures teaching special education to elementary school kids in Phoenix. For a good laugh, check out her post about one of her more musically-inclined students.

Of course, there’s always my cousin Kevin who writes interesting stories about sports that aren’t really about sports. Turns out life is what’s happening while you’re busy cheering on your team.

And speaking of cousins, my cousin Emily recently posted some of the most amazing photos from a trip to Glacier with a photography class. Her flickr site is incredible, too. But she’s not just a great photographer – the rest of her blog is always interesting and insightful.

Last, but certainly not least, two of the Plastics also have blogs, and I know they’re both trying to write more often these days. Check out Julie and Kara for great stories about concerts, triathlons, and life in Portland.




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3 responses to “There You Are

  1. First, I love that we are homonyms!
    Second, I love that we are mutual blog prowlers. That should cancel out the stalker status for both of us, no?
    I better get to see you over the holidays my fellow Meg!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Kind of a lot to live up to, the whole interesting and insightful thing. ;)

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