Instead of listing the things for which I’m thankful this year, I’ve decided to show them to you. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

What I'm thankful for this year



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4 responses to “Thank-full

  1. Carol

    Hey, Meg:
    You’re the best.
    Hope your Thanksgiving was a blast.
    We missed you, but Pete took advantage of your absence and ate your stuffing.

  2. KVV

    I’m not sure what I like more about that picture of Tommy playing Guitar Hero: The fact that Tom is playing Guitar Hero, or the fact that it appears that I’m in the background, recoiling with a mixture of both shock and awe.

  3. mego

    Someday, Kev, I’ll show you all the other photos of Tom the Terror on Guitar. I’m pretty sure you’ll get the same “shock and awe” look on your face all over again.

    I actually cropped that one a bit ’cause I didn’t want to embarrass him too much by posting a photo on the internet showcasing his nerdy flannel-lined jeans rolled up at the bottom…

  4. Wait. Your car?
    YOUR car?

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