Holiday Resolution

On this Black Friday, I made a conscious effort not to purchase anything (naturally I excluded restaurants, seeing as I have so many friends in town and we have to eat and drink somewhere). I am also making the following resolution:

I will do my best this holiday season to help the American economy (and my own checkbook) by giving gifts that are actually useful or consumable and purchasing them from either local businesses or companies listed on My plan includes the Holiday Artisan Market in Pioneer Square, the Portland vendors on Etsy, Little Finnegan’s, the Friends of the Library Store, and this cool store that Ben told me about today.

So relatives and friends beware – you will most likely be getting something from one of these stores or something edible (and delicious, of course) for Christmas/Hanukkah. If you have a preference either way, feel free to let me know.


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One response to “Holiday Resolution

  1. Kristin

    Good thing you live in Denver or you might put me out of a job with your shopping strike. :)

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