Not Enough

If there’s anything I’ve learned from this long weekend with my friends, it’s that it’ll never be enough. After lots of brunch dates, happy hours, dinners, beers, laughs and photos, I realize that I can never get enough of these people. As I “grow up,” I try to live in the moment as much as I can, and I have been doing a pretty damn good job. I’ve loved every minute (and it’s not over yet!). I’ve tried to take as many pictures as possible so I can remember it until we’re all together again, whenever that may be. It will always feel like something’s missing, though, because I’ll always know they have to leave at some point. It’s sort of the way I feel when I leave home after a visit – like I’m conflicted by loving two places or things so much. How can I possibly want to stay here in Portland when my friends are spread everywhere from the Oregon Coast to Chicago? I love them all so much I can hardly stand it. They are my second family. My peri-family, as my mom would say. We fight like siblings, we make up and laugh, and then we say see you soon, not knowing for sure how long it will actually be. These people know me better than just about anyone in the world, and yet I want to spend MORE time with them. They accept me for who I am, even when I’m sick or tired or cranky. And they deal with me when I’m unreasonable. I can’t think of a more appropriate holiday weekend to spend with them.




I love you all. And I will never get enough of you.


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One response to “Not Enough

  1. talia

    It was an awesome, awesome weekend. Get some sleep! You need to be ready for another one in Dec!

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