Well, I did it.


It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, although it’s quite clear that the content and depth of my posts suffered.  My dad and my brother, whose writing and speaking abilities I’ve always admired, have mentioned more than once how difficult it is to be a reporter or writer who is expected to churn out interesting articles on a regular basis.  I now understand completely.

Well, now I’ll go back to my usual sporadic posting style, but will hopefully feel prouder of the final products.  At this point I’m just glad I never resorted to just listing all of the things I’d eaten that day or something equally as ridiculous.

Happy December, everyone!  It’s been real.



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2 responses to “Whew.

  1. Carol

    Oh, sure. Now you got us addicted and you go away! Come back, Mego.

  2. KVV

    What do we want: The Top 5 songs about love!!!

    When do we want it: Now!

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