Holiday Spirit

The other day, my dad sent this email to my brother and me:

Just headin’ out to SuperWalmart and wondered if you guys want anything for Christmas.

I myself want three things:

a bicycle light — very rudimentary
a book
I forget.

Forward your wishes to this site at your earliest convenience.

So, I started to jot down things I’d like right now. In the interest of productive brainstorming, I didn’t censor myself or edit my thoughts at all. This is what I wrote:

Oil leak fixed*
Curtains for closet door
Shelf for bathroom
Hat I saw at Target last week

And that was all I could think of. When I looked back at the list, I realized how pathetic it was. I am actually at the point in my life where I put undergarments on my wish list. I mean, most of it has to do with the fact that I’m spending upwards of $1200 to fix my damned car and another several hundred dollars to see loved ones over the holidays, so spending another $40 on socks or $50 on bras just doesn’t seem fun, exciting, or necessary. But let’s get serious. A girl needs socks that she can wear to work without being embarrassed.

I was so humiliated that this is what my life had come to, I decided to take matters into my own hands. So I went to Target and bought that hat and about $40 worth of socks. Did I have the money to spare? Probably not. But I’m slowly learning what it means to be a grown up.

Happy Holidays, Mego. I bought you some socks and a hat.

* This has been the latest drama in my life. I took my car into the shop to get the oil leak fixed and was told I needed about $80 in parts and over $1,000 in labor. Some may say I should have just junked the thing and purchased a new one, but I don’t really have enough money to get a good car without having car payments, and just typing the term “car payment” made me shudder. (Note: Alex, I don’t want to hear anything from you on this subject. You have made your opinion known.)



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4 responses to “Holiday Spirit

  1. Kristin

    It’s a rough week for our cars, Meg. Last week I crashed my lovely new car (with a car payment) into a semi truck’s loading ramp. It makes me shudder to type that, as well.

    Does Super Walmart sell cars yet? Because maybe you could slip that through on your list.

  2. Thank you so much for telling me that. It makes me feel better about my bad car luck AND the fact that I didn’t buy a new one that I would probably just drive into a semi as well.

  3. There is nothing more boring than spending money on car repairs. Even socks and underwear are more exciting. And it doesn’t help that I always feel like I’m at the car repair person’s mercy, and that I HATE comparison shopping for car repair. The schlepping, the getting rides, the sitting around.

    However, we did save thousands on car repair recently just by getting a second opinion (a second opinion I resisted mightily because it was going to be so HAAAARD to organize, wah wah). So if you have time, check with somebody else, you might end up with extra cash for bras.

  4. miamired

    It strikes me as really funny that on the same day you post your Christmas list, which includes socks and bras and shelves, I post this very extravagant list of things I like (though have no intention of getting).

    I figure if you’re gonna get bras, they might as well be way nicer than the ones you’d buy yourself. Then it feels all festive and extravagant without getting a new “digital clutch.” Did somebody just say recessionista? Wha?

    (I really hate that [non]word.)

    And hey, just think! You could always have a 1987 Volvo with currently non-functioning power steering! Ho ho ho!

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