We Were Ugly Before Ugly Was Cool.

…Or at least before it was so mainstream.

My friends like to hold annual events. Birthdays may or may not be a big deal every year, but certain things, like the International BBQ Symposium and Cinco de Mustache, are not to be missed or under-celebrated. They are holy days.

The sweater party is one such event. This year was the 6th Annual Christmas Sweater Party. I indoctrinated my cousin Brian and his girlfriend Anna as well…


They did really well on such short notice! Anna even came with hideous, gaudy gold earrings and a pin to go with the gross sweater she got at Goodwill. Turns out Brian’s dad actually wore that tie years ago (although hopefully not with a plaid smoking jacket). They both acquired their headwear at the party.


Kyle told us his secret to getting the best sweaters: shopping in July. He said that he has to shop in the off-season since Ugly Christmas Sweater parties are now so popular they’ll soon have their own theme on evite.com.


I wouldn’t normally post this photo since it’s so blurry and because Anna looks so funny, but it was really necessary to show some sort of group shot. This also happens to be the only one we got of Julia’s sweater, which is just incredible.

I really have no idea why this party idea ever caught on outside our circle. If people around the world start growing disgusting facial hair every spring for Cinco de Mayo I’m going to worry.



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4 responses to “We Were Ugly Before Ugly Was Cool.

  1. It caught on ’cause we’re a bunch of bad ass mofos. That’s why.

    And our facial hair is not disgusting, it’s proud.

  2. talia

    Well, Brian seems to be wearing a sweater… too bad it’s plain black.

  3. KVV

    Anna’s willingness and ability to make rad facial expressions in pretty much every picture taken of her is seven different kinds of awesome.

  4. KVV

    Also, Brian’s tie freaking rocks.

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