Welcome to Oregon

I moved to Oregon today. It only took me 3.5 years of living and working here to finally commit. And that doesn’t even include my four years as a student or the various rivers I had to ford and friends I had to bury in roadside graves along the way.

It’s true. I now have an Oregon driver’s license, Oregon license plates, and a DEQ story (an Oregon must). I can no longer get away with bad highway merging on account of my out-of-state plates or flash my driver’s license to get out of paying Washington sales tax. Wait, I guess that one’s still good.

I feel a little less like Mego now, but maybe this is just what all commitment-phobes have to go through… It doesn’t have to be for forever, right? Montana may still take me back someday?



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2 responses to “Welcome to Oregon

  1. J.Lee

    As a recently converted Oregonian (<- that’s the word right? Oregonite doesn’t feel correct) and as a friend who just got pulled over for speeding…you can still use the "i didn’t know I couldn’t do that" face in combination with the new license and still avoid a ticket. Welcome to Hippyville.

  2. talia

    hurrah! i’ve waited for this day FOREVER.

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