Audience Participation

Okay, Internet.

In a little over two weeks, I’m turning 26.  I’m getting used to the idea.  It was hard for a while, because I really felt like I owned 25.  I was so 25 it wasn’t even funny.  But I’m ready for a change, so I’m gearing up.

Anyway, for my 25th birthday, I copied my friend Abby and posted 5 lists of 5 things each about me or my life thus far.  I also asked for comments, and was absolutely amazed at the ones I received. I still read them sometimes if I’m having a bad day or just want to read something wonderful. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind doing a similar list thing for my 26th birthday (I could talk about myself for hours – please note the name of the blog), but 26 is only divisible by 2 and 13, and I don’t particularly want to make 13 lists of 2 things, nor do I think 2 lists of 13 things would be interesting.

So I’m asking for your input.  What should I do for my 26th birthday post?  Anything you can think of that might be moderately interesting?  It doesn’t have to be a list – I could answer a question or discuss something instead… Really, it could be anything.  I just feel like birthdays should be marked.  And since this is my blog, who will mark my birthday here if I don’t?

So bring it on.  You have approximately 16 days to suggest ideas.  Otherwise, get ready to read a list of what I ate that day (probably nothing but cupcakes and beer, and maybe some milk with the cupcakes) or to hear about how much I love sharing a birthday with Dr. Seuss.  (A lot).



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4 responses to “Audience Participation

  1. Brian

    What if you wrote your birthday post about beer and cupcakes in the style of Dr. Seuss?

  2. Bird Legs

    or just listed your 26 favorite beers….I know I would enjoy that

  3. The 26 greatest songs since the year you were born. One for each year possibly?

    Also, I’m totally stealing the 5 lists of 5 idea. Thanks Mego and Abby!

  4. mom

    how about a take off on the deck of cards (2X26)
    think of 2 kings and 2 queens and 2 jacks and then
    2 tens, 2 nines, etc. then put them all in a birthday wish list and send it around to all!

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