Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

(Alternate titles for this post include, “It’s a Long Story” and “I am SO Big Time.”)

I think most people who start blogs have blog-idols. I started my blog because I wanted to be more like the following people:
1. Holly
2. Blythe
3. Abby

Abby and I went to college together and I consider her one of my closest friends. She was the first friend I had that started a blog and I am continually impressed by her writing and insight.

Blythe is actually the woman who let me in to college, which is why I often say that she is responsible for every good thing that happened to me after the age of 18. She also recently moved back to Portland, and I’m proud to say she allows me to occasionally play with her son Theo, the Cutest Toddler Ever. Blythe’s blog is always interesting not just because she’s funny and smart, but because she writes about everything from having a baby in Germany to her memories of growing up in a small town in Montana to what she thought of Natalie Portman’s dress at the Oscars.

Holly is the only one I don’t actually “know” in the traditional sense of the word. She and I don’t actually have much in common, other than we’re both brunettes with blogs who enjoy shopping and board games. She grew up in multiple foreign countries and now lives in an amazingly well-decorated apartment in San Francisco. I grew up in one place (Like one of my favorite T-shirts says, “Missoula, Montana. A place. Sort of.”) and now reside in an apartment where all decorative pieces belong to my roommate except the random paintings I did and the license plates I turned into a coat rack. Holly has a fiance she has been in love with and lived with for years. I’m rockin’ the single life and living with a gay man.

She’s hilarious, though, and I love her stories. Last year, I read about Holly’s attendance at a conference called BlogHer and thought it sounded like a blast. Lots of female bloggers interested in similar things getting together and talking. Great, right? So I looked into this whole BlogHer thing and thought it sounded interesting. I decided I might want to attend the conference someday to see what fascinating things I could learn.

Jump to December, when I was home for the holidays and my mom told me she had talked to her mentor about me. She said she was talking to him about ways to connect with other people who do what she does (of which there are none in Montana). He recommended she start a blog.

So she told him about her daughter who had a blog. And he told her about his daughter who started a company for women who blog.

When she came home, she told me about her meeting and said his daughter was one of the founders of BlogHer. Had I ever heard of it?

It was as if she just told me her mentor was Justin Timberlake’s father.

I couldn’t believe I was separated from one of the founders of BlogHer by only 3 degrees. I immediately got online and decided I would like to support the BlogHer community in any way I could, considering I now felt connected to them in a different way (i.e. we were both somehow related to Montana). I signed up for a bunch of stuff on their website. One of those things was their advertising package. They had a waiting list, so I didn’t anticipate hearing from them anytime soon.

However, I did. And it turns out in order to host their advertisements I had to host my own web page. So you can now find me at megolomaniac.com OR continue to use the old address and it will redirect here. You might also start noticing ads on the right-hand side. Think of them as a way to support my illegal-parking habits.

When I switched my blog over, I had to redesign the site, too. (Sort of a bummer, but I’m getting over it). I don’t know if this is what it will look like forever, so don’t freak out if the scenery changes in a month or two when I have more time and patience to figure out what the hell CSS code is. In the meantime, enjoy the flowers.

Any and all feedback is always appreciated!



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3 responses to “Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

  1. You are, like, so big time. Nice work.

    I always thought designing my own blog WP theme would be fun, but never took the step and since my blog has been pretty quiet for a while, now’s perhaps not the best time.

    But–have CSS questions? Send ’em my way. It’s easy once you get the hang of it and SUCH a time saver.

  2. FINALLY someone is giving me credit for the lives I’ve changed. It’s about time.

    (Seriously, Megan, the only things I’m responsible for are handing you a brochure, chatting with you at your high school, reminding you to send in your seventh semester grades, and writing “awesome!” after reading your application. I’m pretty sure you did the rest all on your own.)

    And how awesome is it that Lisa Stone is from Missoula? This makes Montana the birthplace of she-blogs, right?

    Love the new look.

  3. Go Mego! I love the new design. I can’t wait to be back in the Rose City. I will definitely take you up on the mimosa offer. You read my mind. Cricket Cafe anyone?

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