Working it out

I have been in DESPERATE need of a workout routine lately. My energy levels have been low and work has been stressing me out – both of which can be cured (or at least ameliorated) by a little cardio. But instead of starting some sort of routine, what have I done these past few weeks?

– made an awesome workout mix
– looked for an armband for my ipod
– when told my ipod was too old (1.5 years) to have accessories still available in stores, decided to purchase an ipod shuffle
– went to the Nike outlet looking for workout clothes (didn’t find any good ones that were cheap enough)
– purchased an armband to hold my cell phone and keys while I workout
– not worked out once.

I’m hoping that by adding “blogged about my inability to get off my lazy ass” to this list, I will get one step closer to doing just that.

In my own defense (and in order to make excuses), I’d like to list my obstacles here:
– I can’t afford a gym membership.
– I hate running with a fiery passion that burns deep inside.
– My bike doesn’t fit me very well.
– I work late often.
– I am NOT a morning person.

But I do WANT to work out, and I do like the feeling I get afterward… So clearly I should just do it. So, with the Internet as my witness, I’m going to work out tomorrow.

After that? I’m not making any promises. But let’s just start with tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Working it out

  1. Michelle

    I knew it!! You’re not home sick. You’re WORKING OUT.

  2. Carol

    Wii Fit. At home. On your own time. Fun.

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