Remember the Time

How do you commemorate the passing of an icon like Michael Jackson? A man with no equals, who has done so much for music in the past 40 years, and has spent most of his life in the spotlight?

Sure, he’s whacko. Hell, most of his family members are whacko. (Does anyone else remember when David Spade asked about LaToya Jackson, “Latoya, out of all the Jacksons, how screwed up do you have to be to be known as the crazy one?”) But the man may have been the most talented singer, songwriter and dancer that the 20th century knew.

It’s also sort of an odd situation when a famous person passes away that you not only never knew, but that wasn’t actually in the news for anything when he passed. It’s not like he was still coming out with great albums… I didn’t even know he was going on tour until I heard about his death. So will I miss him? No. But his music has been a huge part of my life, and this seems like a good time to honor that.

So what did I do tonight? I listened to every Michael Jackson song I had on my ipod (34, in case you’re wondering) as I ran errands, then I came home and drank a beer while I watched So You Think You Can Dance. It all seemed incredibly appropriate.

Tribute – Top Five Michael Jackson Songs According to Mego:
1. Billie Jean*
2. P.Y.T.
3. Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough
4. Thriller
5. The Way You Make Me Feel

*It’s worth noting that Billie Jean was the #1 song on the charts the day I was born.


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