Are you familiar with AFGOs? You know, like when someone complains to you about this big thing that happened in their life that was difficult and stress-inducing and you say, “Oh man, sounds like an AFGO. You know, Another Fucking Growth Opportunity.”

It’s kinda like that.

My blog got hacked by some twerp who can’t spell and doesn’t seem to have any goals in his hacker life other than to annoy small-time bloggers like me by forcing us to take time out of our busy, meaningful lives to undo his sloppy work. Not that I’m bitter.

But I learned a lot about blogs and codes in the process, and somehow managed to salvage most everything about my old site. What do you think of the new design? I still need to find a good header, but I’m always interested in feedback.

So, the post I’ve been working on (read: thinking about writing) will be delayed for a few days, since I spent so much time figuring this stuff out instead of writing it. But, you know, it was an AFGO.


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