Shake It

My friend Jen just got engaged (!) to her boyfriend of four years.  They having a small wedding in Mexico and I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it.  Jen and I got together yesterday, and when I offered to help with any wedding planning pieces I could, she said the one thing she’d really like help with is making the dance mix.  “You know, so that there are things that everyone knows and wants to dance to,” she said.

I have been known to be very critical of DJs at weddings, mainly because I have very high expectations when it comes to DJs in general.  Wedding DJs need to play a good mix of old and new, but almost all upbeat (keep in mind I’m always the single girl at weddings).  Slow songs have their places: first dances, father/daughter dances… maybe one or two more.  That’s it.

But the thing about wedding DJs is that everyone has an opinion about what they should play.  So here’s your chance: what would you want to hear at a wedding?



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4 responses to “Shake It

  1. “We Are Family” is always a big hit at weddings. New in-laws giddily dancing together and all that.

  2. tommy the truck

    Jody Miller is a must.

  3. unowhoo

    sugar shack – definitely
    PYT, the way you make me feel MJ
    stayin alive
    good thing – paul revere n raiders
    anything by KC and the sunshine band
    i’ll be there – ray charles
    miss you dr dre remix – stones
    thank you for letting me be myself – sly stone

    we didn’t start the fire…aka emmy’s tune
    keepin the faith/river of dreams
    sho do love you…b raitt
    thank you boyzll men
    best of my love – the emotions
    reach out i’ll be there – 4 tops
    beautiful – the youngbloods
    it’s your thing – isley bros
    jr walker – shake and finger pop, come see about me
    more love, more joy – doittome smokey
    sweet little 16 – chuck berry
    stevie w – signed sealed delivered i’m yours
    ok that’s a start – i’m off to bed

  4. the other Megan

    I don’t have the slightest clue what you should choose, but I do know that when it comes to music, you are definitely the go to gal. And, I agree, keep it mainly to fun, upbeat music because even those of us who bring dates can’t get their dates to dance :)

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