I think it’s gonna be a LONG long time

We all know how I feel about Billy Joel and some of you may remember how excited I was to see him in concert next week. I didn’t much care about seeing Elton John – I mean, awesome bonus, but definitely not the reason I wanted to go. I’m pretty sure my dad felt the same way when he bought tickets.

And then? This.

Elton John and Billy Joel are rescheduling their concert because of E. coli and the flu? What are the odds? And why aren’t people paying better attention to what Elton John is eating?!?! I mean, I get pretty much everything that goes around, including the swine flu, and even I’ve never had E. coli. I hope he gets well soon. And I REALLY hope that “postponed” doesn’t turn into “canceled.”



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2 responses to “I think it’s gonna be a LONG long time

  1. Hopefully Billy will reply to this post and give you some insight.

  2. Kristin

    I’m going to the Denver show! It hasn’t been canceled yet because it’s on 11/22 and the hope is that Elton will recover by then. I hope yours gets rescheduled.

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