Growing Up So Fast

I knew this was going to happen.

I tried to play tough when I moved into my own apartment… I did pretty well, too.  I learned to take out the trash regularly, I changed lightbulbs… I’m learning to deal with the odd hours of the laundromat downstairs…

But I knew that this day would come, and then It’d be over.

Today I found a millipede in my apartment.  When I saw it, I calmly shouted “WHAT IS THAT AND WHAT IS IT DOING HERE?!?!”  I was by myself.  Also, the millipede was dead.

But it took me a good half hour to calm down.

I don’t consider myself a very girly girl, but I have my moments.  Spiders are my number one irrational fear, and anything creepy-crawly that reminds me of spiders gets similar ridiculous reactions.  I still have nightmares of finding spiders in the shower with me (which has happened to me, and may be the most frightening experience I’ve ever had).  I also only recently got to the point where I could kill a spider myself without completely losing my ability to exhale.

I came a long way in the two years Brian and I lived together in our second apartment.  In the first one, we had a third roommate, Liesl, who was more than happy to kill spiders and make me look like an idiot (although not necessarily on purpose).  With Brian, though, I had to be tough.  The first time I found a spider in the apartment, it was actually in the dryer.  I was about to switch my sheets from the washing machine to the dryer and I opened the dryer door to see a gigantic black spider, roughly the size of an appetizer plate.  I bit my hand while I worked on regular breathing, and then calmly called Brian over.  “It’s a spider,” I said.  “Will you kill it?”

“Ew.  No.”  He walked away.

This tactic had never failed that I could remember.  Even if my brother or my dad said no, I could usually get the other one to take care of the thing or put it outside.  It was on that day that I learned to kill spiders on my own.

But this millipede thing brought up all the fears I’d been suppressing.  Where did it come from?  Are there more?  How did it get in?  How big was it before it died and curled up?  Does it eat humans?  Will these millipedes be peaceful overlords?

Answers will be forthcoming as they are revealed to me…



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3 responses to “Growing Up So Fast

  1. Brian

    I’m so glad I could play such an important role in your development.

    (When I started reading this post, I thought, “what, does she think I would’ve kiledl it? Does she remember living with me?”)


  2. One of my apartments was randomly overrun by ants. An ant, you say? No big deal. Spiders don’t even really bother me. Now imagine swarms of them, all over the place. Swarms of ants, waking me because of the weird noise in the garbage, which was them crawling around a pizza box. Repulsive.

    And the guy next store was Buddhist and would not kill them. I’m convinced they came from his apartment. Where they were before, no one knows.

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