The Right Crowd

Galen and I are headed to Hood River, Oregon, this weekend to celebrate our six month anniversary.  This “anniversary” may not seem like a big deal to you, Internet, but to us it’s the biggest deal that’s ever dealed.  So we’re celebrating.

Anyway, I was talking to my friend Annie from work yesterday about what there is to do in Hood River, and she said that she really liked the town, but the more she talked about it, she couldn’t quite figure out why.  Hood River is the windsurfing capital of the world, but Annie doesn’t windsurf.  They have interesting historical landmarks there, which she hasn’t visited.  They grow many varieties of fruit, but she hasn’t toured the orchards or tasted the goods.

Then Annie and I came to a joint conclusion, which is that we like to live near people who do things like bike, ski, climb and windsurf… But we, personally, do exactly none of those things.

And the more I thought about it… The more I realized that a lot of the things that typical Portlanders do… I don’t.  But I like typical Portlanders.  I like watching my friends run triathlons and relays, but I hate running.  I like that Portland has a strong bike culture, but I barely ever use my bike.  I like cities with laid back people who wear Patagonia and Timbuktu and have Nalgenes in the old grey-and-blue style (or white and blue, for a throwback).  But I would like to meet those people for beers after they get off the slopes.

And then, as if the world knew that I was having this revelation, as if it knew I had just figured out that I loved Portland although I seemed to be the exact wrong person for the place…

I was walking through the Pearl District last night, which was First Thursday, and a nice-looking man asked me if I was “from around here.” I happen to love giving people directions, so I stopped and said yes. And then he asked me if I could point him towards any of the museums or art galleries that were part of First Thursday.

If there’s anything I dislike more than running, it may be museums and art galleries.


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