Why I Hate Moving

Once, when I was applying for a job in college, the team of people interviewing me asked what my organizational style was. At the time, I didn’t realize they were looking for a general overview and not a detailed description of my obsession with lists and my excel spreadsheet nerdery. Needless to say, I got the job, but was labeled “the color-coding girl” before I even started.

My current job, which I just officially started 3 weeks ago, is the first one I’ve ever had where I couldn’t really make effective lists and spreadsheets to get things done. In all my past jobs, if my boss gave me a project, it might have been something like “Build a House.” Then I could make lists of all the different steps that went into building a house:

  • Lay foundation
  • Build First Floor
  • Build Second Floor
  • Wire for electricity
  • Check that plumbing works
  • Double-check that plumbing works
  • Paint interior
  • Tile bathrooms
  • Tile kitchens
  • Lay hardwood flooring
  • Install doors and fixtures
  • Triple-check that plumbing works

And voila!  I’m ready to start moving down the list, checking things off as I complete them, and then reporting back to the boss with the final product.*

At my new job, it’s more like the boss says, “Move your stuff into the new house.”

I could theoretically make a list…

  • Pack stuff up
  • Move stuff into truck
  • Move stuff out of truck
  • Unpack stuff in new house

But that’s about it… I could break it down into rooms… But that wouldn’t actually help me at all, because you pretty much think of all your stuff as a whole instead of breaking it up by rooms.  And the worst part is that I might only get to check one thing off each day… if I check any off at all.  Some days I might not even complete one whole task.  Which is pretty much the exact OPPOSITE of the purpose of lists.  (In fact, sometimes when I make lists of things I need to do on a Sunday, I’ll put “wake up,” “eat breakfast,” and sometimes even “shower” on the list, just so I can cross them off.  Not because I’ll forget, but so I’ll feel like I accomplished something, even if that’ s as far as I get before collapsing on the couch and watching 30 Rock on DV-R all day.)

So here I am, with four things on my to-do list, with an end date of, say, November 30.  But how do I pace myself without milestones and deadlines along the way?  Because I’m pretty sure I know how this is going to end… It’s the same reason I knew I could never write a thesis.  I would end up the day before the thing was due, with next to nothing done (and a whole lot of wasted enthusiasm), realizing I spent WAY too much time over the past few weeks reading Dooce or looking at other people’s wedding photos on Facebook.

Has anyone else ever encountered this problem?  If so, how do you stay organized and on-task?  Are there any special office supplies or color-coding systems involved?  Have you ever used my blog to procrastinate?  (If so, I’m flattered.)

*Please note: I have no idea how to build a house.  I’m assuming this was apparent, but I thought I should call it out anyway so I didn’t get comments immediately yelling at me because I did things in the wrong order.  This house wouldn’t have even made the cut for the stupid youngest brother of the Three Little Pigs.


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  1. tommy the truck

    I am pretty sure it is impossible.

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