A Page from the Late David Foster Wallace

Alot. Where you at? What’d you bring the book I didn’t want to be read to out of up for? Then and than. Please clean your food out of the refrigerator’s before 3 PM or it will be thrown out. George and I’s mailbox is full. Supposubly. Why don’t you just set down? In the town that I grew up in. Drive safe. You guys did real good. Reoccurring. Heighth. Irregardless. Equate to. Utilize or utilization. HIV Virus. ATM Machine. Nucular. Does his friends get all your time? Is your mom and dad coming? I don’t take offense to that. Regardless of whether or not we win or lose. Driving a SUV. Complement vs. compliment and stationary vs. stationery. Pew-litzer Prize. The thing is is that…



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2 responses to “A Page from the Late David Foster Wallace

  1. Liesl

    “Heighth” – heard in Oregon AND Ohio. In fact, heard twice in one day in Ohio (yesterday). LengTH, yes. WidTH, yes. HeighTH, NO. Height – HARD T SOUND. Who is teaching these children to speak? Good lord…

  2. Love you.

    DFW is fantastic. Have you yet read the essay about Standard White English?

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