Get Ready!

Tom is coming!

That’s right – my dad is coming to visit this weekend. And I am no small amount of stoked.

Top Five Things I Want to do with my Dad this Weekend:

  1. Go to Hippo Hardware. It is the Tom in me that appreciates that place.
  2. Go to the Japanese Gardens. I’ve never been there except one time when my dad came to visit me in college and we tried to get in 15 minutes before closing time. When they said no, we tried to climb up on a park bench to see over the walls. I think this time we might buy tickets.
  3. Go to a brew pub… Can’t decide… Hopworks? Rogue? Ack!
  4. Go to the ReBuilding Center. He may find something he didn’t even know he needed (highly likely).
  5. Catch up, have fun and laugh. You know… the usual.

Any other suggestions? These probably all won’t happen, but they seem like good ideas!


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One response to “Get Ready!

  1. Love the Japanese garden. We went for the first time a few weeks ago and it was beautiful. It’s hard to believe you’re in the middle of an American city when you are in there.

    I’m a fan of Deschutes brewery, mainly because I like their pretzels. Bridgeport is also a classic.

    The tour of the SS Blueback submarine at OMSI was a huge hit with my dad. Of course, he was on a submarine in the Navy which was part of the draw, but still, it’s really cool. And the tour guide is a (retired?) Naval officer.

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