This is a fun test.

First, find a friend who likes to be right.  Preferably one who also likes making fun of you.

Take that person with you in a public place and find someone there who you think has the exact same color hair as you do.  (Comparing your hair to theirs physically and up close will ruin this test.)

Then tell your friend that you think that person is your hair color twin.

Odds are very good your friend will be thrilled at the opportunity to tell you you’re wrong and make fun of you.

I never realized how different my concept of my own hair color was until today, when I went to get it done and my stylist, Daniel, put darker colors in it than he normally does.  He said that when he normally does my highlights/coloring, he does two foils of the lighter color for every one of the darker color.  This time he did the opposite.  And when my hair was dry it was the exact color I always thought it was, except it was obviously darker than it has always been.

I spend a fair amount of time looking at my hair in mirrors, windows, cell phone screens, and any other reflective surface I can find.  So how do I have such a messed up sense of what COLOR it is?


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  1. harder to find my hair twin than one might think.

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