So, I’m sitting here on my purple couch with my dad, talking about blogs.  I told him about some of the blogs I follow and showed him how Google Reader works.  Then he told me about a couple that he likes.  I am looking for more cool blogs to follow, specifically ones that aren’t mommy blogs, since I may be at capacity for those considering I am not a mom.  (It seems worth noting here that with one exception, I know all of the moms whose blogs I follow – I’m not THAT creepy).  Anyway, since I am looking for advice and suggestions from YOU, Internet, I will prompt you by giving you some good ones I’ve got.


My dad and I found out yesterday that we both follow this one.  Sometimes, it’s too techy and nerdy for me, and other times it’s totally awesome.

Stair Porn

My dad just showed this to me.  We stared incredulously at this beautiful staircase for a surprisingly long time.  He explained to me what cantilevers are.  I am impressed.

The Daily Dish

I don’t check this one nearly as much as I should, but it wins awards every year and deserves them.

The other ones I check religiously I have either mentioned before (dooce, Blythe, Emily) or I know the author(s) personally (friends, cousins) and I’m not sure they want me talking about them or drawing strangers to their blogs.  If I am, in fact, wrong, please let me know.

As Blythe would say, I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours.



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6 responses to “Blogosphere

  1. I read way too many and I’ve already told you about most of them. BUT, the StairPorn got me all excited. Here’s my version (storage! for shoes! it’s beautiful!) (look at #6)

  2. I’m sure you have had just about enough of my recommendations but here are some more anyway. And I am guessing at the links (AM SO HELPFUL) but if they don’t work they’re easily googleable.

    Sweet Juniper!
    Sort of a Dadblog but has turned into much more than that. His writing about Detroit makes me think differently about cities and the economy and the future of our country.

    Mimi Smartypants
    She absolutely kills me dead with every post. If I had to give up all the blogs I read but one, I think I would pick hers. (Well, after YOURS of course).

    Margaret and Helen
    “Best friends for sixty years and counting.” Awesome.

    By the way, thanks for turning me on to Penelope Trunk. I love reading her, and I love that she frequently shocks me in a way that hardly anyone else does.

  3. This is a mommy blog, so feel free to ignore, but I love it.

  4. K-Swervely

    I read so many mommy blogs! And I don’t know any of them…. Huh. (Please note, I am posting under a pseudonym because this is embarrassing and creepy, and I can’t have anyone from high school googling me, and this is what they find.)

    Anyway, here are some favorite blogs:



    Stupid Shit

    And that is just the tip of the iceberg! Let me know if you like any of these and I’ll send you more.

  5. Mego,

    How could you omit Fake Steve Jobs? (tech “gossip”, mostly libel)
    I seriously love this blog and check it constantly, hoping he’s written something, anything.
    He’s an awesome writer and really funny.

    I also like the Simple Dollar (personal finance)

    and Consumerist (consumer advocacy)

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