80’s Galore

It all started a couple weeks ago, when I got an email from my stepdad.  He works for a company that employs mostly men and their work involves fairly physical (and skilled) labor.  Apparently every year employees can do peer fitness tests and try to beat their personal bests from years past.  This year, when the guy in charge of the peer fitness program sent out the email announcement saying it was coming up in January, he included a link to a motivational video from a few years back of the peer fitness trainers showing the rest of the crew “how it’s done.”  The guy who wrote the email noted he was sorry he hadn’t been in attendance when the video was recorded, but listed the names of the three employees who had been videotaped.

Motivational Fitness Video.

I thought the whole email prank was so funny that I lay in wait for the perfect time to pull the same stunt with my friends and/or coworkers.

Much to my delight, within a week or so, our HR person sent out an email to the entire company saying she wanted to decorate the first floor bulletin board with photos of “how the employees of The Foundation spent the 80’s.”  She said there would be a contest for the best photo.  Her email went to the entire company.

I almost immediately responded and chose three of the (very few) men I work with to call out.

I know how Matt, Sean and Dave spent the 80’s, I said, because there’s video of it. Then I included a link to the video and all its spandex and aerobic glory.

It was about 4:30 on a Friday when I sent the email, and Matt and Dave were both already gone for the weekend.  (Sean responded almost immediately, asking if Dave had told me about the Reunion Tour ’09 plans that were in the works.)  After sending it, I got a little nervous that the guys might not think it was as funny as I did… so I sent a separate email to them saying that I chose to pick on them because I knew they could take a joke, and I hoped they weren’t offended.

Which brings me to today’s story.  I felt that since I threw Matt, Sean and Dave under the bus for a good laugh, it was only fair that I embarrass myself in front of our coworkers to make the playing field even.  Being an 80’s baby, I have access to very few of the photos of me from that decade.  However, I do have the electronic copy of this gem:


That’s right.  This is a photo of me wearing panda earmuffs that match my brother’s slippers, with a fake plastic stethescope in my belt loop (funny, considering how many real ones I had available to me), strangling my brother with a look on my face that says, “Nothing to see here…”  I mean, when he was strutting around with cheeks like that baring so much diaper-midriff, how was I supposed to compete for attention?


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