Mego: 2, November: 0.


Yikes. It was harder this year than I remember it being last year…

Thanks for reading, everyone! Hopefully I won’t drop off now like I did last year. I’ve got a fun trip to North Carolina, Tennessee and Florida planned this week, so I’ll try to take photos!

And… Just so I don’t feel like this post was a TOTAL waste of your time… I bring you:

The 15 Funniest Animal Videos the Web Has to Offer and my personal addition, The Goat that Yells Like a Man (thanks for sharing, Bean!).



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2 responses to “Mego: 2, November: 0.

  1. bean

    “Participant arrived while watching ‘Goat Yelling Like a Man.'”

  2. Amanda

    omg. why can’t i stop watching that yelling goat video? i swear i’ve already watched it 50 times. amazing.

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