Friends that feel like home

You know that feeling you get when you go home? Not the anxiety or the worry that some of us feel, but the warm part. You know, when your heart swells and every fiber of your being relaxes and you know you can just be yourself, because these people know you as yourself. And they love you for it.

I realized last month that that feeling is not limited to the house you grew up in or the place where your family lives.

Over the long weekend in January, Galen and I flew down to the Bay Area to visit his family and some friends of mine. Ben and Amanda moved last fall to a town about ten minutes from Galen’s parents’ house. My good friend Bean from Chicago was also going to be staying with them that weekend, so it was perfect timing.

As soon as Galen and I saw Ben, Amanda and Bean, I got that “home” feeling. These people know me. They may not know the intricacies of my daily life, but they know all the important things. And they are important to me. These are my people, and there is nothing like the feeling of being home with them.

So, to Ben, Amanda and Bean: Thank you for making me feel at home. I am so lucky to have you.



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2 responses to “Friends that feel like home

  1. bean

    love love love. you are my favorite (no longer) new person of all of the years.

  2. Amanda

    Smooches. Can’t wait until April. Then if all goes well, can’t wait until we move back in June/July!

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