The Hammock District

For my birthday, I decided I wanted a hammock. My apartment complex has a HUGE deck/patio area on two different levels, which was part of the reason I wanted to live there. Since we actually had sun last week (!) I realized that I’m going to want to spend pretty much all my time outdoors here pretty soon, and a hammock would increase my enjoyment of that time exponentially.

The only problem is that there aren’t any trees on the deck, so I’d either need to tie the hammock to the railing, which would mean it would have to be in one of the corners… or I’d need a hammock stand.

Okay, so after I find some good cheap hammocks online, I search Craigslist for a hammock stand. No luck. I turn to Google products… Lots of results. When I sort them based on price, the cheapest one is this (click on the image to enlarge it):

Which is exactly what I was looking for, obviously.



Filed under Cyber-sweet, I am not making this up.

2 responses to “The Hammock District

  1. Liesl

    OMG, I was going to get you this for your birthday! (Ferret not included)

  2. this is awesome. I wonder if I could get Allie to lie in one…

    (I have to admit that I was sort of wondering if it was going to be a banana hammock…)

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