I am a runner! I have run!

It may have taken thirty-eight minutes, but I did it!


I realize this is not a fast pace, but my only goal was to run the whole way, and I did! In the time it took me to run 5k, Galen ran the 8k.  We were proud, exhausted and (very quickly) cold:


So we went to a pub, ate lots of food, drank black-and-tans (it was a St. Patrick’s day-themed race) and then I came home and napped while Galen tried to entertain himself. Turns out it wasn’t as rough of a morning for him.

I definitely have a ways to go before the 8k in a month, but as you can see, my enthusiasm was overwhelming this morning at 7 AM (6 AM, if it weren’t for Daylight Savings!):


(Yes, that’s frost on the windows. It was THAT cold.)



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4 responses to “I am a runner! I have run!

  1. Michelle

    WOO HOO!!!! Congrats! Sorry we missed you.

  2. Amanda

    Congrats! Hope the fancy running shoes treated you well!

  3. J.Lee

    That’s my lady!

  4. Galen

    You rock, Mego.

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