Family February!

I spent so much time with family last month I’m calling it Family February. What did you do to celebrate?

Galen is lucky enough to have some family members (grandma, uncle + family, sister + family) who live in the Portland area, so he/we get to see them fairly often. His mom comes to Portland about once every couple months, too, so everyone stays well-connected. Recently, I’ve also been able to spend some additional time with Galen’s sister and her family, which has really been wonderful. (She has two awesome little kids that I absolutely adore, conveniently…). One weekend last month, Galen’s uncle was in town from California as well, so I got to meet more great relatives.

However, no one has as many relatives as I do. Or at least, that’s how I feel.

The reason for the “Family February” designation is because I was lucky enough to have not one but TWO of my cousins come to Portland last month. President’s Day weekend, Emily and her man Arthur drove here from Missoula to sample some of the wonderful things the Rose City had to offer, including VooDoo Doughnuts, good coffee, delicious microbrews and bike rides in the rain. I was out in the sticks visiting Galen for most of the weekend, doing couple-y things for Valentine’s Day, but got to catch dinner with E & A on Friday night:

(Photo by Arthur –

Then, the following weekend, my cousin Kevin, his wife Jen and their new baby Molly came to Portland, escaping the Snowpocalypse in the East and catching some unseasonably warm sunny days in Oregon in February.

Molly and I bonded while her mom and dad shopped at Powell’s.

She is so cute you just want to eat her up.

(Photos by Jen –

Thanks so much to all this year’s participants in Family February! You are all welcome back to Portland anytime. (And for the rest of you – come visit soon!)


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  1. I am SO enthusiastic to finally be there and to be enjoying a huge beer with you.

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